GOODLUCK JONATHAN: Supporters Who want HIm To Declare For 2023 Presidency.

The former president of Nigeria as address the group of supporters who storm his home office in Abuja to urge him to declare for 2023 presidential race. The president said he has not declared to run for the 2023 presidency yet. He made this statement while speaking to a group of supporters who stormed his private home office on Friday urging him to run for president. Men, women and children stormed the office with poster and leaflet , pleading with the former president to enter the race.

Mayor Samuel,the groups spokesman who is also the convener of the Nigeria youth compatriots stated that they made a mistake in 2015.

The former president stated that it was past,and urge the youth to utilize the “Not Too Young To¬† Run”act to actively participate in the electoral process.

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