The Ekiti state will be going into election on Saturday 18 June 22 to elect a new governor for the number one seat in the state. The tenure of the the current governor Mr Fayemi Kayode which is gradually coming to an end. The election will be conducted in the 16 Local government of the the state and 16  Governorship aspirant.

The All progressive Congress (APC) ,the  people Democratic party (PDP) and Social Democratic party (SDP) candidates are the major contendant for the race.

The independent National electoral commission (INEC), as assured it’s citizens that all materials are set and ready for the election. The security operative has also task the voters to conduct themselves during the election to avoid anything that will implicate them.

The Bishop KUKAH peace signing committee are present in the state for all the aspirants to sign a peace accord to ensure peaceful election and to accept the outcome of the election. All other election observa like the YAGA AFRICA are present in the state.

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