The former Kenya president MWAI KIBAKI is dead. He died in the hospital on early hour of today,the cause of his dead was not disclose to the public. Mwai KIBAKI is a leader whose distinguished political career was tarnished when he won a second presidential term that was followed by deadly post election violence,he died at the age of 90. The death of the Emilio was announced on Friday morning by president Uhuru Kenyatta’s who said his passing was a sad day for the country and praised his predecessor as a great Kenyan and a statesman.

Uhuru Kenyatta’s describe KIBAKI as a “quintessential Patriot”whose legacy at civic responsibility will continue to inspire generation of Kenyans. Kibaki serve for two terms as president of Kenya ruling from 2002-2013.

Mwai KIBAKI was born on November 15 1931 when Kenya was under British colonial.

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