The Angola government has penned a deal with Italy to ramp up gas supplies from southern Africa country as it urgently scrambles to break away from Russian gas over the Ukraine war.

A declaration of intent was signed to develop New’ Natural gas venture and to increase export to Italy,a statement made by Italian Foreign Minister announced. According to the foreign minister Luigi Di Maio said in his statement that the agreement with Angola is to increase gas supplier. Prime minister Mario Draghi want to add Angola and congo -Brazzaville to a portfolio of suppliers to substitutes Russia,which provide about 45 percent of Italian gas; we do not want to depend on Russian gas any longer, because economic dependence must not become political subjection; he said in an interview with the corriere dell sera daily published on Sunday. This is a race against time to make sure we stock gas and oil for the next winter season said Francesco Galielti,head of Rome- based consultancy policy. The deal in Angola and congo could bring Italy on additional 1.5 billion cubic meters and 5 billion cubic meters a year respectively.

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