At this very crucial point in time, when endearing courtly behaviors exist between BROTHERS who so suddenly realized how truly they are united by blood, history or ‘common interest’, after many years of exile whose sentence was swiftly shortened by TEMPORARY and sudden monthly allowances to “appreciate” an even more temporary brotherly love, it is paramount to single out a man who has been so mentioned across boarders, long before he declared interest to represent the Enugu West Constituents at the Senate unit of the National Assembly, the man in the person of MAURICE EMEKA AKUEME, nwoke Ukana, Udi Local Government Area.

Upon knowing the consequences of revealing this OPEN-SECRET about MAURICE EMEKA AKUEME, especially now he’s contesting for a political seat, I had sheathed my sword, but a little bird reminded me how necessary it is to reveal all hidden secrets, at this very moment when THE PEOPLE NEED FACTS, FIGURES, HISTORY IN OTHER TO DETERMINE THE POSSIBILITIES OF THE FUTURE. Hence, what is good to be revealed is good to be revealed clearly!

The name MAURICE EMEKA AKUEME which has gone round ENUGU STATE, and beyond, owing to the many NEW NORMALS kick-started by this man who by the virtues of living in long developed and comfortable United Kingdom naturally needed not worry over the conditions of living of those in Nigeria, especially as they are in the midst of INDUSTRIALISTS, FORMER THIS AND CURRENT THAT, MEN WITH THE BEST OF ACADEMIC RECORDS who by default WAIT UNTIL a good time of interests as NOW to talk about them; this MAURICE AKUEME man who perfectly fitted the position of that proverbial man whose palm kernels have been cracked by a benevolent spirit as a result of his purity of heart; this comfortable fellow who should have relaxed like an average Nigerian in a developed, hard currency paying world would, AKUEME HAS CONSTANTLY LOOKED FOR TROUBLE, helping those whose lives do not in any way affect him nor his family. Why help those being governed by ‘the best of representatives in government?’ One would wonder loudly as I did until it occurred to me that if the Oracle that eats seven folds does not eat seven folds, it doesn’t rest. MAURICE AKUEME HAS BEEN CURSED to help humanity through the MAURICE AKUEME FOUNDATION! A pity! No wonder this WEAKNESS brought him to the fore where the good, the bad and the ugly benefited and testified of his humanitarian spirit.

MAURICE EMEKA AKUEME is a leader whose office is in the crowd, among the people he is leading. HE UNDERSTANDS that these people call him father, he never thinks of bearing hand in their deaths. WHAT A MAN FIT ENOUGH TO SET THE PACE for past, present and future representatives, AFTER HIM!

At a time when COVID-19 was rampaging the world, killing both the rich and the poor, MAURICE AKUEME was that COVID-19 HERO WHO EXTENDED HIS HANDS many kilometers from his comfortable abode in a comfortable country!

At a time when COVID-19 presented students with no choice than become subjects of mediocrity to their poor parents, MAURICE AKUEME stood out and GRANTED BURSARIES on countless occasions TO ALL CORNERS OF ENUGU STATE; a single individual who is so stubborn that he can never rest. WHAT A WEAKNESS TO SUCH A GOOD MAN!

MAURICE AKUEME has 99% chance of not meeting THAT WIDOW from NNEWENTA on his life time, but this man was stubborn enough to build A STATE OF THE ART ABODE for the homeless woman and her children, placed her on a leverage to take care of her children, and maintained these children MUST go to school! WHAT A WEAKNESS!

Reasons fail me how such a man who is expected to be a politician dolls out tons of cash, giveaways and aids to all and sundry, even those who fight him today can testify, well unless they suffer POLITICAL AMNESIA. What a man, WHAT A WEAKNESS!


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CLEARLY, the fowl knows the animal that deprived it of its fathers during the rainy season. WHO WOULD FORGET SO SOON?!

At a time when political prowess is measured by the number of aspersions thrown across political camps, MAURICE AKUEME maintained that HIS MEDIA MUST BE DIFFERENT. For a father like himself, the water must live, and the fish too must live; the water should not dry and the fish should not die. A MAN OF CLASS WHO TAKES POLITICS IN THE SPIRIT OF SPORTSMANSHIP. NO WONDER MANY PEOPLE BEAT THEIR CHESTS AND SAID HE IS NOT A POLITICIAN. But they forgot that frequent beating of the chest may inadvertently reveal to the spirits where life is situated. BEWARE! MAURICE EMEKA AKUEME IS A MAN OF MANY WEAKNESSES!

Our people often say that the gods knew well the child that would not be keeping secrets and have decided to make him dumb right from the womb. Consequently to the lack of competitive records to face this man of weaknesses, many LEADERS OF MEN became dumb by default, but still maintained the usual humming of dumb children, hence the random CLICHÉ and MANTRA making round all SOCIAL MEDIA FRONTS by keyboard-happy lads who forgot so soon the words of our elders that any fowl that is searching for food in the compound of a thief is very close to a soup pot.

Well, what more can I say about MAURICE EMEKA AKUEME when every Dick and Tom knows clearly these lines of TRUISM! The common people, the often forgotten, and even the super stakeholders of ENUGU WEST, ENUGU STATE, NIGERIA knows this truth! Until the neighborhood rooster is sold out, the neighbors will know that it takes some effort to wake up on time!

IT IS OBVIOUS that no one uses a mirror to view what is held at hand; MAURICE EMEKA AKUEME from all indications is an idea whose time has come. And like that proverbial child who by the virtue of giving cracked palm nuts to elders over time, should enjoy their protection whenever the stone is in dispute, AKUEME has worked for his success all these while, it is thoughtful to say that there’s no time like now that makes him more deserved for more!

If the good works of this good man was because of his political interest, reasons fail me why other aspirants who are the POLITICIANS haven’t thought it wise to toe same path. After all, DOESN’T COMPETITION STILL BREED PROGRESS???

PEN-POWER writes for the first time out of many other times from a close observation.

Ka Ana Ejegodi Na Ubi Ka Ji Na Aka!

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